Sweet sixteen

Friday, December 18, 2009

Here are works by the artists Mera Rubell chose for "Cream," the Washington Project for the Arts auction exhibition, which will hang at American University's Katzen Arts Center from Jan. 30 to March 6. (On March 6 the public can buy the work at the WPA Auction Gala.)

Mera chose 16 artists -- four more than she'd hoped to find. A few on the list come as a surprise, given her comments during the tour. Two were added even though they weren't on the itinerary: D.C. golden boy Dan Steinhilber and video whiz Brandon Morse. WPA Executive Director Lisa Gold says that a number of factors went into Mera's selections. Mera wanted to acknowledge artists who have been dedicated to their practice and artists that foster a sense of community. For more information: http://www.wpadc.org.

-- Jessica Dawson

MG Barkovic
Holly Bass
Judy Byron
Lenny Campello
Rafael Cañizares-Yunez
Adam de Boer
Mary Early
Victoria F. Gaitan
Carol Brown Goldberg
Pat Goslee
Jason Horowitz
Barbara Liotta
Patrick McDonough
Brandon Morse
Dan Steinhilber
Lisa Marie Thalhammer

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