What Va. governor's proposed budget would accomplish

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's $76.8 billion budget proposal would:

-- Increase income tax rates by 1 percent.

-- Double recording fees on land titles, from $10 to $20.

-- Increase the price of a bottle of liquor by 2 percent at state-owned liquor stores.

-- Eliminate the dealer discount, which allows retailers to retain a small part of the sales taxes they collect to cover the costs of administering the tax.

-- Reduce the state's government contributions to employee retirement plans.

-- Trim $357 million from K-12 education in part by capping the number of support staffers that schools can hire and reducing health insurance funding for faculty and staff.

-- Cut aid to colleges and universities by 26 percent during the next few years, a move likely to lead to tuition increases.

-- Shut two state mental health facilities.

-- Trim $270.5 million over the two years to sheriffs and local constitutional officers and $73 million to local police.

-- Eliminate 1,879 jobs and lay off 664 workers, many of them in the departments of transportation, corrections and juvenile justice.

Source: Governor's office

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