Purina contest centered on owners of multiple cats

Nathan Davis with Sergeant Snog, one of his two cats.
Nathan Davis with Sergeant Snog, one of his two cats. (Purina Via Associated Press)
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This pet contest is the cat's pajamas

-- Have you ever heard the term "crazy cat lady"? The pet-care company Purina set out to change the stereotype that most people who own multiple cats are older women living alone. So they created a contest for people with more than one cat. Entrants had to write a short essay about the happy, regular lives they lead with their cats.

The winner is definitely not a crazy cat lady. Army Specialist Nathan Davis, 26, of Petersburg, Virginia, described his cats in military terms, befitting their names. "05:30 hours -- Open the door to find Commander Frank Sinatra and Sergeant Snog waiting. Any delay results in insistent cat scratching at door," he wrote. Davis, who is heading to Iraq soon, won $5,000, a year's supply of kitty litter and a role in a webisode you can see at http://www.tidycats.com/EndCattiness/Gallery/Winner.aspx.

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