From thrillers to head-scratchers, a look back at NFL Week 15

By Michael Wilbon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 22, 2009; D02

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Best games

Colts over Jaguars: Hands down, a thriller. The Colts have won games this year with timely defense, then some like this one, in a shootout. Aren't they glad (we sure are) they decided to forget about resting people and play to win? They're the No. 1 story next week for sure, and will be until they lose, which might not be at all. Peyton Manning moved ahead of everyone else in the race for MVP with that performance.

Titans over Dolphins: It's a shame both of these teams, now 7-7, are going to be out of the playoffs since they're two of the most exciting teams in the league. Miami's drive to score and two-point conversion to tie the game and force overtime was the scream-out-loud moment of the weekend, one that we thought the Saints-Cowboys might produce, but didn't.

Chargers over Bengals: I picked San Diego and thought it would win comfortably, but found myself rooting for the Bengals, who had to play a football game while dealing with the emotions of losing teammate Chris Henry just a few days earlier. It really was a shame when the Bengals lost on a game-ending field goal. The moment that's most memorable for me has to be Chad Ochocinco going to his knees and looking to the sky when he caught that dramatic touchdown late.

Told you so

Ravens over Bears: I can't gloat over the games I picked correctly. It's not difficult in the least to figure out that the Ravens would beat the Bears. Chicago's Jay Cutler, who was supposed to lead the Bears to the Super Bowl if you believe some folks, is the NFL's LVP (Least Valuable Player). He's an interception machine and won't get any better unless he has the benefit of one of the league's great quarterback tutors, and as of now he doesn't.

Titans over Dolphins: Okay, I got Tennessee beating Miami, but the Titans should win that game at home, right? Put it this way, in the Sunday NFL pool I've played every week for four years I've never finished in last of the 40 or so peeps who play. You know where I stand going into Monday night for games picked this week? Next-to-last. Sad.

Pardon these picks

Saints over Cowboys: I didn't have guts enough to pick the Cowboys over the Saints, even though I'm always suspect of civic crusades, which is what that game amounted to. Too much pressure on the home team most of the time. By the way, the Saints look done. It's entirely possible the Saints crested three weeks ago in that game against the Patriots.

Jets over Falcons: The Jets are the least dependable team in the league. With chance to stay alive in the wild-card race they choked at home and lost to Atlanta, another result I didn't see coming.

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