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Free for All roundup of short critiques of The Post

Such locker room "humor" was current when columnists were mostly male. Krauthammer called it "an old joke." Yes, it is, and it is best buried in the past with all the rest of those "jokes" belonging to an era when women were treated with less dignity and respect.

Judith Church Tydings, Ijamsville

When art is not enough

For someone who spends his professional life looking at art in museums, Blake Gopnik seems oblivious to the roles that these institutions play in our communities ["Don't let art be squeezed out of the picture," Style, Dec. 16].

Art will always be the focus of good art museums, such as the Hirshhorn. The public, however, demanded long ago that they be something more and that the art on view be part of a larger context. Art museums must provide accessible interpretation, engage diverse audiences and, in many places, serve as centers where people come together for a number of reasons.

The Hirshhorn's plan for an inflatable "bubble" acknowledges those roles upfront, in a fascinating, transparent way that will bring the right kind of attention to what art museums do. Cheers to the Hirshhorn!

Elisa Buono Glazer, Bethesda

Christmas spirits

What a heartwarming Christmas message the "Lio" comic strip put forth Dec. 23. I only hope that when my 5-year-old is waiting in front of a liquor store to score some booze, he remembers that I prefer single-malt Scotch!

Mitch Katz, Falls Church

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