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The Apple Tablet: Will It Be Called iSlate, iGuide, Or Something Else?

Here's why:

- Apple doesn't seem to own, directly nor indirectly, any 'iguide' domain names

- The 'ISLATE' and 'MAGIC SLATE' US trademarks were not filed for separately as a service trademark, unlike 'IGUIDE'

- The 'ISLATE' US trademark was filed earlier than 'IGUIDE', by a different shell corporation (and the same as 'MAGIC SLATE')

- NYTimes editor Bill Keller's mention of an 'Apple slate' device in a past speech

- According to Trademarkia, the 'ISLATE' trademark application was extended a second time last September, to show use in commerce

- The slightly different description for 'goods and services' for both Slate Computing and iGuide Media

Or, of course, we're all wrong, and none of these names will ever be actually used by Apple. I would deem that unlikely, but we can't know for sure.

Besides, has Apple announced that it'll be selling a tablet computer yet?

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