The dangers of snowballs and guns

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Regarding the Dec. 26 letter from Tom Nagle of Laurel about the snowball fight at 14th and U streets NW:

Mr. Nagle discussed the dangers of throwing snowballs, citing an incident from his childhood in which a friend of his lost an eye during a snowball fight.

He went on to say that if he were in the situation that the D.C. detective found himself in, he probably would have done the same thing -- exited his car and drawn his gun.

There is not much danger to the driver after he stops his vehicle and is still inside his car. I suspect very little in the way of injuries due to thrown snowballs is inflicted on people inside Hummers.

Once the car has come to a stop, the driver's exiting the vehicle and escalating the situation by drawing a gun is what causes danger, such as in the situation at 14th and U.

Gerald E. Sheldon, Rockville


In all three Dec. 26 letters about the D.C. snowball fight and snowstorm, I noted a feeling of, if not forgiveness, then perhaps understanding of off-duty Detective Michael Baylor's pulling out his gun after his Hummer was pelted with snowballs.

Is it that Mr. Baylor doesn't subscribe to the admonition that law enforcers never unsheathe a weapon unless they intend to use it?

Vincent M. Vacca, Washington

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