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Redskins' Jerry Gray botches chance to set record straight

Jerry Gray won't say if he has interviewed for Jim Zorn's job.
Jerry Gray won't say if he has interviewed for Jim Zorn's job. (John Mcdonnell/the Washington Post)
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By Tracee Hamilton
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 1, 2010

I have never understood why honesty is so often seen as the court of last resort in sports, and I guess I never will. If Tiger Woods had gotten in front of his problems the day after Thanksgiving, perhaps the greatest golfer in the world would still have a tournament bearing his name in 2010.

And if secondary coach Jerry Gray would just disclose whether he interviewed for the Redskins' head coaching non-vacancy, perhaps the latest distraction in the Redskins' season of distractions would go away.

Thursday was Gray's latest chance to set the record straight: Did he in fact interview for Jim Zorn's job while Jim Zorn still had it? The Fritz Pollard Alliance -- charged with enforcing the NFL's Rooney Rule, which guarantees minority candidates opportunities to interview for vacancies -- says he did, and gave the Redskins the go-ahead to fill the non-opening. So, perhaps as early as Monday, Mike Shanahan likely will be introduced as the Redskins' new coach.

Nothing Gray could say would change that outcome. Yet he still wouldn't address the question Thursday, his designated day to talk to the media. (There are a lot of people to whom I'd like to assign just one "talking day" a week, but Redskins players and coaches aren't among them.) Anyway, here's how it went at Redskins Park:

Did you talk to the Fritz Pollard Alliance?

"I appreciate the question, but I'm not going to comment on it right now."

If you're not going to comment, why?

"Again, that's a great question, but no comment."

Is there a point when you might comment?

"Maybe one of these days."

Are the reports out there inaccurate?

"Not going to comment, sorry."

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