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World Digest: Iranian opposition leader Mousavi 'not afraid' to die

-- Reuters


7 civilian deaths alleged in airstrike

An airstrike by international forces in the southern Afghan province of Helmand killed seven civilians and two Taliban fighters and wounded another civilian, an Afghan official said Friday.

A spokesman for the provincial governor said the attack occurred Wednesday after an international patrol came under fire from insurgents and called for air support. NATO said it was investigating the reports.

It is the second claim of civilian deaths in allied attacks in a week. The Afghan government says that 10 people were killed, including eight schoolchildren, in a village in eastern Konar province in a NATO raid last weekend.

-- Associated Press


Somali suspected in attack on cartoonist

Denmark's intelligence service says police have foiled an attempt to kill cartoonist Kurt Westergaard -- the artist who drew cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, causing outrage in the Muslim world.

Jakob Scharf, who heads the PET intelligence service, says a 28-year-old Somali man was armed with an ax and a knive when he entered Westergaard's home in Aarhus.

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