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Think you've got all the answers, man? Try this D.C. quiz.

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By John Kelly
Sunday, January 3, 2010

Think you know Washington? Answer Man will see about that. It's time for the second annual John Kelly's Washington Trivia Quiz. The answers are below -- and more details can be found online at

1. The Washington Monument is topped with a tiny pyramid made of:

(a) gold; (b) aluminum; (c) crystal; (d) tourmaline.

2. Who described Washington, D.C., as "the head-quarters of tobacco-tinctured saliva"?

(a) Lord Cornwallis; (b). Charles Dickens; (c) Fanne Foxe; (d) Ralph Nader.

3. The construction of this building in 1894 so alarmed District officials that strict height limits were set for the city:

(a) the Cairo apartments; (b) the Baghdad apartments; (c) the Kennedy-Warren apartments; (d) Dr. Harvey's Velocipede Amphitheatre.

4. The maximum height of buildings in Washington is determined by a formula that takes into account:

(a) the height of the Capitol dome; (b) the height of the Washington Monument; (c) the width of the street the building is on; (d) the distance a musket ball travels when shot straight up into the air.

5. What does the statue shown in the photo commemorate?

(a) the temperance movement; (b) the abolition of slavery; (c) the heroes of the Titanic; (d) the great tourmaline mine disaster of 1897.

6. Where did pop star Jackson Browne record his 1977 song "Running on Empty"?

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