Singles File: Reviews of ChRis BaRz, Delphic, the Drums, Black Milk and MNDR

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"New Kids of 2010" Edition: A totally random sampling of things you'll be listening to in the first few months of the year.

ChRis BaRz: "Dreamers"

The underrated young DMV native may finally break through with his whip-smart, soul-fortified new mix tape, "Class[sickz] Out the Dark: A Dedication to Hip Hop."

Delphic: "Doubt"

Shoegazers from Manchester may induce instant nostalgia, but Delphic -- the reigning champ of just about everyone's "Hot in 2010" lists -- sounds more like a thoroughly modern mix of New Order and, uh, lots of other bands that sound like New Order, on this track from its mid-January debut, "Acolyte."

The Drums: "I Felt Stupid"

The N.Y.C.-based band specializes in giddy, hiccupy new wave tracks like this one, from its long-simmering debut EP, "Summertime!"

Black Milk: "Keep Going"

We're sure the Detroit MC's upcoming disc is going to be the album of the year, and not just because he helpfully titled it "Album of the Year" . . . actually, that is mostly why. If it fizzles, he's got two other full-lengths set to drop in 2010, so we like his odds.

MNDR: "Fade to Black"

The one-woman DJ squad MNDR (pronounced "mandar") is spearheading the second wave of vowel-less electro acts from Brooklyn, aided by this infectious dance-pop track.

-- Allison Stewart

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