Tuesday, January 5, 2010

-- A Sky Watch item in the Jan. 3 Metro section misstated the dates of two star parties at the observatory at Northway Fields Park in Greenbelt. The events listed as being on Jan. 17 and Jan. 31 will be held Jan. 9 and Jan. 23. The item also misstated the starting time of one of the events; both begin at 6 p.m.

-- A Jan. 2 Metro article on D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee's priorities as she prepared for the fiscal 2011 budget said that she vowed to protect spending on teachers and classroom supplies while cutting $22 million. The article was based on a PowerPoint presentation and comments by Rhee and her aides stating that they would seek to prevent cuts from directly affecting classroom instruction. The characterization of that intention as a vow, however, was incorrect.

-- A Dec. 31 A-section article by the Fiscal Times, about growing congressional support for a bipartisan commission to address the nation's debt, contained a statement supporting the concept by Robert L. Bixby, the executive director of the Concord Coalition. The article should have noted that the Concord Coalition receives funding from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Peterson, but not his foundation, also funds the Fiscal Times, the independent news service that prepared the article.

-- A Dec. 30 Sports article about the friendship that has developed between two Montgomery County women of similar lifestyles who box against each other said that one of the women, Barbara Bartolomeo, does consulting work for the American Medical Athletes Association. The correct name of the organization for which she consults is the American Medical Athletic Association.

-- A Dec. 25 Sports article about the pride that many Montgomery County police officers had in the selection of Florida Marlins left fielder Chris Coghlan as the 2009 National League rookie of the year was accompanied by a photograph of Coghlan with some youth baseball teammates and Coghlan's father, Tim, a former Montgomery County policeman who was a coach of the team. The caption said the photo was taken when the family lived in Clearwater, Fla., in 1993. That was incorrect. The 1993 photo is that of a team from Damascus, Md., that Tim Coghlan coached while the family was living in Maryland.

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