4chan Presents: YouTube Porn Day (NSFW)

MG Siegler
Monday, January 4, 2010; 9:58 PM

It looks like 4chan has found its first major target of 2010. In a message sent to what is presumably a huge amount of undisclosed receipients, 4chan is announcing that this coming Wednesday, January 6, is going to be a very special event: YouTube Porn Day.

The move comes in response to one account, Lukeywes1234, being suspended by YouTube. Apparently this was just a regular YouTube user who caught the eye of 4chan and they proceeded mass follow him and make tribute videos to him ? like these (and the one below).

I'll let you read on the poster above for what they're asking you to do for this special day. We're not condoning this, we're just as confused as the rest of you.

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