What's Going Where in Fairfax County

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Projects proposed

1. Bo Hwan Suk, McLean. Site plan for a 29,130-square-foot office development on 5.82 acres zoned R-5/C-3 (residential-five units per acre and commercial), at 5873, 5885 and 5901 Old Centreville Rd. (SP-01670-002-2)

2. 7-Eleven, Alexandria. Site plan for a 2,316-square-foot addition to a retail sales establishment on 0.99 acres zoned PRC (planned residential community), at 6221 Rolling Rd. (SP-024637-001-1)

3. Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Stormwater Planning Division, Fairfax. Site plan for a regional storm water management facility on 3.71 acres zoned R-1 (residential), on the south side of Leesburg Pike at Safa Street, just west of Dranesville Tavern. (SP-024810-001-2)

4. Inova Health Care Services, Falls Church. Site plan for a 199,226-square-foot addition to a hospital on 56.6 acres zoned C-3 (commercial), at 3300 Gallows Road and 3300, 3340 Woodburn Road. (SP-06157-021-1)

5. Reston Excelsior, Reston. Application for construction of two multifamily residential buildings on five acres zoned PRC (planned residential community), at Reston Parkway and Sunset Hills Drive. (PRC-86-C -121-03)

6. Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Fairfax. Site plan for an 8,414-square-foot addition to a public library on 20.76 acres zoned R-3 (residential), at 1468 Dolley Madison Blvd. and 1244 Oak Ridge Ave. (SP-024757-001-3)

7. DSF/Long Metro, Waltham, Mass. Site plan for a 1,601,792-square-foot multifamily and retail development on 8.49 acres zoned PRM (planned residential mixed-use), at 2727 and 2729 Merrilee Dr. and 2734 and 2740 Gallows Rd. (SP-024817-001-2)

8. Miller Brothers, Marshall. Site plan for a 4,217-square-foot addition to a church with a child-care center on 0.41 acres zoned R-3 (residential), at 3538 Moncure Ave. (SP-04317-SP -002-2)

9. LPC Commercial Services, Washington. Site plan for a 26,000-square-foot addition to an office on 8.36 acres zoned PDC (planned development commercial), at 12601 Fair Lakes Cir. (SP-005727-092-2)

Projects approved

10. Robert Messer, Lanham. Site plan approved for an 11,342-square-foot addition to a shopping center on 10.57 acres zoned C-7 (commercial), at 6158 Arlington Blvd.(SP-01228-004-2)

11. Washington Property, Bethesda. Site plan approved for a 17,706-square-foot financial institution on 13.52 acres zoned C-6 (commercial), at 3050 Nutley St. (SP-01228-005-2)

12. Nazir A. and Ashraf Bhagat, Falls Church. Special exception application approved for an independent living facility with 32 units, in 8 buildings, on 6.39 acres zoned R-1 (residential), at 5966, 5970, 5974 and 5978 Clames Dr. (SE 2009-LE-001)

13. Tavares family, Lorton. Application approved to rezone 2.84 acres from I-5 (industrial) to PDH-5 (planned development housing-five units per acre), for 11 single-family attached houses on the east side of Cinder Bed Road, north of Hill Park Drive. (RZ 2009-LE-001)

Building permits issued

14. Ryland Group, Fairfax. Building permits issued for 13 townhouses at Brushwood Way, east of Machen Road, south of St. Germain Drive.

15. Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington. Building permit issued for a five-story commercial structure with a penthouse and three-level parking garage at 8500 Hilltop Rd.

16. CSHV Metro Park, Washington. Building permit issued for a four-story office building at 6348 Walker Lane.

17. Scannell Properties 82, Indianapolis. Building permit issued for a package sorting distribution facility for FedEx at 8561 Cinder Bed Rd., Belvoir Business Center.

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