It's time for Washington Wizards' Gilbert Arenas to go

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Regarding the Jan. 7 front-page article "NBA hands Arenas indefinite suspension":

The newest addition to the terribly long list of overpaid athletes who display inane and embarrassing behavior -- see Plaxico Burress, Delonte West, Tiger Woods -- is our own Gilbert Arenas, who brought his cache of weapons to the Verizon Center as what? A joke? A prank? A threat? Does it really matter?

Growing up in the Midwest, I was taught to call things as I saw them. Like so many before him, Mr. Arenas turns out to be just an immature, overpaid thug. I am tired of reading about his exploits. I am tired of my children being exposed to his behavior.

Especially when so many are struggling to make ends meet, there should be no patience for such behavior from millionaires who lack any semblance of sound decision-making.

Like every other sports franchise, the Washington Wizards like to tout the community service that players perform. If they want us to believe the logic behind the "good citizen" message, Mr. Arenas should be shipped right out of town, right out of the NBA and, most certainly, right out of our view.

Brian Carome, Arlington

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