Date Lab

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Jordan: I showed up about five minutes early. They offered me a bunch of places to sit, [so] I chose this table with couches for chairs.

Jenny: I just moved to Arlington, so I wasn't sure how traffic would be. I gave myself an hour to get there. I arrived at probably 7:25.

Jordan: They walked her over and introduced us. We shook hands. I thought she was really pretty. She was tall, brunette, in really good shape. She definitely looked like the kind of girl that I'd be interested in.

Jenny: He got up, and we shook hands. My first impression was [that] he's very cute. And I liked his hair and his beard. I sat down and was like: "This is fun. Have you ever gone on a blind date before?" We talked about why we applied. I think we were both a little nervous at first.

Jordan: There were a few awkward moments at first. Within a minute or two, she asked me, "What do you do?" I hate that question. I'm passionate about my job, but I like to have a thick wall between work and not-work. So I paused for a minute, and then I responded with what my interests were. I think she was a little taken aback.

Jenny: I was expecting him to answer what his occupation was. [His response] wasn't a bad thing, but that wasn't my question. I asked him again, and eventually he said what he does for a living.

Jordan: Then she told me about what her job is. I was kind of bummed that the conversation was going there, but once I steered it away, I think the conversation got better. We're both interested in art and travel, so we had a lot to talk about.

Jenny: He said he just got back from a four-month trip to Portugal and he went on a whim to learn the language. I thought that was really interesting and exciting.

Jordan: We didn't even look at the menu for, like, 45 minutes. Then we ordered some sushi and sake. I asked her what she tried to communicate on the [Date Lab] questionnaire, and I think what she said pretty much described me. I told her I was looking for someone who was cultured and who was interested in the arts and kind of an intellectual but also an adventurer and absolutely not religious at all. I said [that] kind of firmly. I wanted to see how she reacted.

Jenny: I'm more spiritual than religious. I have gone to meditation class, and he meditates independently. So, we had that in common.

Jordan: By the middle [of the date], I'd say it was not awkward anymore. I think we were both comfortable. There were two things that were not red flags, but maybe orange flags, one being she lives in Virginia. I don't have a car [so], for me that's long-distance dating. I'm kind of like a D.C. snob, also. The other thing is I feel like she's less of a partier than me. I was telling her how in Argentina they go out until, like, 6 a.m., and her eyes bugged out.

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