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Foxy lady: Minaj provides
Foxy lady: Minaj provides "Face" time. (
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Justin Vernon: "Song for a Lover of Long Ago"

Back before Vernon fronted the wintry, falsetto-happy Bon Iver, he released the very limited-edition EP "Hazeltons," from which this slow burner of a track was recently unearthed.

Mariah Carey featuring Nicki Minaj: "Up Out My Face" (Remix)

Sometime in the past six months, Minaj became the go-to girl for artists who wanted to add some skank to their tracks without sullying themselves in the process. Here, she enlivens an otherwise polite track from Carey's upcoming remix disc.

Maino: "Get 'Em Tiger"

Maino's new, Colleagues-produced track may serve as history's most vigorous defense of Tiger Woods. Actually, it may be history's only defense of Tiger Woods, unless you count Charles Barkley. It'll certainly be the only one to rhyme "hoochie" and "Gucci," which, when you think about it, really doesn't help Tiger much at this point.

Quasi: "Repulsion"

Quasi's first new track in ages starts off like an AC/DC song, which would be enough to recommend it, and gets even better/spacier after that. From its new disc, "American Gong," which drops Feb. 23.

Tony Yayo: "Obama"

Exactly a year ago, everyone was writing happy songs about Barack Obama. Even Jay-Z was in a good mood! These days, he's reduced to having his name stamped on bags of dope in the new track from the third-ranked guy in G-Unit.

-- Allison Stewart

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