Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plenty of goals for the new year

"New Year, New You!" "Jump-Start Your Body!" "Reach Your Goal." According to magazine covers at the grocery store, it must be January.

Body & Soul magazine has rolled out a 28-day "whole body action plan" that, despite the title, serves as the foundation for 365 days of healthful living. Week One (which ended yesterday -- better hop to it) was "purify and assess week," in which dieters ate detox soups and smoothies and recorded their fitness levels. This week, participants will keep a food diary, intensify their exercise programs and learn stress-relief techniques. Sign up free at

New-Year's-resolution types can also sign up for Fitness magazine's "You Can Do It!" workout program. Exercisers need only a set of dumbbells, a chair and a stability ball to complete the body-sculpting moves, but they must commit to three cardio workouts a week. The magazine's "Power Up, Slim Down" food plan contains 1,500 calories a day and looks pretty tasty (sample menu: roasted potatoes and salmon with mango salsa for dinner, with chocolate-covered pretzels for dessert). The magazine even suggests takeout options from Domino's, Cosi and KFC that will fit into the plan.

Yoga Journal encourages people to turn inward and ask, "Am I leading a well-balanced life?" by lighting a candle ("to signify that you are in a sacred space") and meditating. But the yogis aren't neglecting the physical self: Flip the page to read a story about "your ideal weight: find it with better body awareness and powerful poses."

-- Rachel Saslow

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