Singles file: Marion Cotillard, Yelawolf, Justin Bieber, Ludacris

NO WAY! Ludacris and Justin Bieber? Yup.
NO WAY! Ludacris and Justin Bieber? Yup. (Liz Condo/associated Press For Sprite)
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marion Cotillard: "The Eyes of Mars" (music and lyrics by Franz Ferdinand)

Once you consider that Cotillard won an Oscar for playing Edith Piaf, this pairing, created as part of a Dior ad campaign, no longer seems weird. Actually, no, it still seems weird. It also answers the question: What would it sound like if a girl fronted a Eurotrash version of the Strokes in 2002?

Yelawolf: "Deer Mama"

Found: the only rapper besides Eminem who doesn't like his mama. You can tell because Yelawolf got famous and only bought her a Chevy. From Atlanta production duo SMKA's just-out mix tape, "The 808 Experiment, Volume 2."

Courtney Jaye and Ben Bridwell: "Sometimes Always" (Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

Bridwell, frontman of the made-of-awesome Band of Horses, teams with retro-y country-pop singer Jaye for a cover that's far cheerier and livelier than the original. Considering how cranky/bored/half-dead JAMC always sounded, that probably wasn't difficult.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band featuring Del McCoury: "After You've Gone"

The bluegrass superstar covers a song popularized by Bessie Smith on this selection from the upcoming Preservation Hall benefit disc, which also features contributions from Andrew Bird and Tom Waits.

Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris: "Baby"

Remember back in '02, when Bill O'Reilly was all mad at Ludacris because he sang about his DUIs and then appeared in a Pepsi commercial and O'Reilly said he was "more vile than Eminem"? Now he's all warm and cuddly and doing features on Jesse McCartney and Justin Bieber tracks that are pretty decent, but still, this is his career now? Let that be a lesson to you, Flo Rida.

-- Allison Stewart

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