Date Lab: In search of a snowy elephant ... and a spark

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Stephen: I like doing sort of offbeat stuff, and I like meeting new people, so I was definitely excited. I walked [to the restaurant], and the [hostess] let me choose the place, so I sat down at a booth, then went to the bathroom.

Annie: I got there, and I awkwardly told the hostess that I was supposed to be meeting someone. She was like, "Oh, okay, he's already here. Let me show you to the table." So I get to the table, and he's not there. I was like, Oh, the suspense lingers. Then he got out of the bathroom, and he was, like, "Annie!" He was very excited and warm and friendly.

Stephen: I don't know that I really have a type so much as I prefer attractive girls to non-attractive girls, and she's attractive.

Annie: He probably is similar to guys I'm normally attracted to. He has sort of auburn hair -- my dad has red hair -- light hair, light eyes. We sat down and started talking.

Stephen: Right from the get-go it was very, very comfortable. She doesn't stand on formalities, and I mean that in a good way. It almost had a sort of Western flavor in that she's from Texas and I'm from Utah. I was saying something about trying multiple dishes, and she said, "You're welcome to have some of mine." So I got a kick out of that.

Annie: We finally ordered food, and we got drinks. I enjoy a glass of wine every so often, and he is not much of a drinker at all. But he's a trouper, so he ordered a piƱa colada. He said he wanted something with an umbrella in it. I thought it was cute.

Stephen: We went over a few of the [Date Lab] questions. We talked about our best date and the worst date. She's from Houston, and I have a bunch of friends and an aunt who live there, so we talked about that. We both like college football. And we both like being active members of our community. I'm involved in a number of religious organizations, and we both do Republican groups.

Annie: He's a fairly moderate Republican, and so am I. He was really friendly, and he made an effort to ask questions about me.

Stephen: She was energetic and excited about stuff. She had a little spark to her. That's a plus.

Annie: He's funny. And he doesn't mind being the center of attention. He sort of has this carefree attitude, and I appreciate people like that.

Stephen: I'm not sure that I necessarily have enough experience in romantic chemistry to be able to spot it easily, but I think we got along well. I felt very at ease, very relaxed, and I was having fun. [But] I would say it was more along the lines of just enjoying each other's company [as opposed to flirting].

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