The Post can't correctly define the District's Park View

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have come to find that I can no longer rely on our local newspaper of record. Three times since September, my neighborhood of Park View has been described incorrectly.

In his Jan. 18 Value Added column ["For D.C. couple, community activism launches lucrative career"] Thomas Heath referred to the Central Union Mission property on Georgia Avenue NW and identified it as being in the Petworth neighborhood. The property is on the southwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Newton Street -- solidly in Park View.

On Sept. 18, I was pleased that an annual block party on Quebec Place was featured so prominently in Weekend -- until I saw it was placed incorrectly in Petworth.

On Oct. 17, a Real Estate section feature stripped the Park View name from the area bordered by Park Road, Warder Street, Columbia Road and Georgia Avenue and incorrectly gave it to the neighboring community of Pleasant Plains.

While the city will not weigh in on official neighborhood boundaries, the truth is that most of Washington's neighborhoods have been well established for at least 100 years.

Kent Boese, Washington

The writer is president of the Park View United Neighborhood Coalition.

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