D.C. transit makes it easier for teens to put off driving

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Regarding the Jan. 24 front-page article "Teens not the driving force they used to be":

I live with a teenager who is in no hurry to get his driver's license. In fact, my son got his learner's permit twice; the first one expired before he completed the driving lessons required to take the Maryland road test. But while The Post's story presented several explanations for this curiosity, it mentioned only in passing the fact that teenagers use public transit to get around.

Although this area deserves a better Metro system, the current system transports many teenagers who have places to go, increasing their independence. Most older teenagers don't have parents willing to drive them around, nor do they want to stay home on weekends. My son, a high school senior, has been using Metrobus and rail since he was 12 to get to school, friends' houses, downtown Washington, and -- since it was built -- Nationals Park.

My husband and I are happy to pick up our son at the nearest Metro station when his team's basketball game ends or his night out with friends is over, even when we make the drive in our pajamas.

Sarah W. Kass, Bethesda

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