Wizards' Crittenton, NBA discuss gun incident

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A day after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge and was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation, Wizards reserve guard Javaris Crittenton was at NBA offices in New York on Tuesday for a series of interviews with league investigators and Commissioner David Stern.

Accompanied by his attorney, Peter White, and Billy Hunter, executive director of the NBA players' union, Crittenton spent a few hours explaining his altercation with Gilbert Arenas that led to both players displaying guns in the locker room on Dec. 21.

With Crittenton's case complete and Arenas entering a guilty plea on Jan. 15, multiple league sources said that Stern would dole out punishment for both players before the end of the week. Arenas, expected to meet with Stern on Wednesday, missed his 12th consecutive game on Tuesday while serving an indefinite suspension.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Lakers guard and union President Derek Fisher said that the union would support both players but plans to take a "wait-and-see" approach with how Stern handles the situation.

When asked if he was concerned about how long Arenas's suspension would last, Fisher said: "To this point, it hasn't been overly concerning for us, but it's creeping towards that area. His sentencing is coming up in March and that'll get here fast. But we suspect that a decision will come much sooner than that. The indefinite part will disappear and there will be more of a definite understanding of what the NBA is thinking and what they are trying to do. From there, our jobs will start in terms of making sure that things are done in a fair way."

Coach Flip Saunders expressed relief. "The sooner we can get that behind us," Saunders said. "I think right now, the whole situation, we're all pretty much numb to the whole thing. We knew when it got to the point that it got to, nothing good was going to come out of it."

-- Michael Lee

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