Obama 2011 budget request: Department of Labor

By Peter Whoriskey
Monday, February 1, 2010; 12:50 PM

Under the president's proposed budget, spending under the Department of Labor would fall by 32 percent from this year, to $117 billion, largely because stimulus spending has ended and because outlays for mandatory programs such as unemployment benefits would shrink. The discretionary portion of the Labor budget is cut, but by only 5 percent, to $13.9 billion. In its budget, the administration highlighted its proposal to reform the way that workers can get assistance for retraining.

"Today, workers and young people looking for effective training must navigate a maze of programs with little information about how well these programs work," according to the budget statement. It would authorize $10 billion to reform the job training efforts administered through the 3,000 "One-Stop" career centers across the country.

For the full budget request, click here.

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