Federal employees' top needs for advancing their career

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Merit Systems Protection Board asked federal employees which behaviors and characteristics help advance a federal career. Here are the top such factors, along with the percentage of employees who said it would be helpful:

-- A supportive supervisor to encourage my development and advancement (85 percent)

-- Senior person/mentor (other than my supervisor) looking out for my interests (85 percent)

-- Ability/willingness to take on challenging work assignments (80 percent)

-- High-quality past work experience (80 percent)

-- Contacts who knew the selecting official and recommended me (78 percent)

-- Extensive past work experience (78 percent)

-- Specialized or technical training (78 percent)

-- Formal educational qualifications (76 percent)

-- Acting in a position prior to appointment (76 percent)

-- Developmental assignments to improve the depth of my experience (75 percent)

Source: Merit Systems Protection Board's Fiscal 2007 Career Advancement Survey

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