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After two recent snowstorms closed the federal government and schools across the region, people began digging out. The season's snow tally in D.C. reached 55.6 inches Wednesday -- more than the last record of 54.4 inches, set in 1898-99.
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Information about telework within the federal government in 2008: 78 agencies reported a total of 102,900 of 1,962,975 employees teleworked

-- 5.24 percent of the total federal workforce teleworked

-- 8.67 percent of the total eligible federal workforce teleworked

-- 44 agencies (56.4 percent) fully integrated telework into continuity of operations planning

-- 27 agencies reported cost savings/benefits as a result of telework; of these, the greatest benefit was to morale (24 agencies), then productivity/performance and transportation (22 each) (note: agencies could select all that apply).

-- Major barriers to telework, office coverage (48 agencies), management resistance (38), organizational culture (36), and IT security and IT funding (both at 25) (note: agencies could select all that apply).

-- 42 agencies offered training for managers, 35 offered training for employees, 29 increased marketing, and 21 established or increased budget for IT expenditures (note: agencies could select all that apply).

Source: OPM: Status of Telework in the Federal Government, August 2009

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