A year of mega-moves

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Since the start of the year, Google has not been shy about taking on big challenges:

-- Wednesday: The firm announces that it will target certain markets to begin selling broadband service up to 100 times as fast as existing services.

-- Tuesday: The search giant unveils Google Buzz, a social-networking service that it hopes will rival the industry's dominant player, Facebook.

-- Feb. 7: Google makes a foray into traditional media, airing its first commercial during the Super Bowl.

-- Jan. 12: Google threatens to pull out of China, saying its e-mail system has been under attack by Chinese hackers. It also demands that the country stop censoring search results.

-- Jan. 5: The company releases the Nexus One cellphone, taking aim at the way handsets are sold by the major wireless carriers.

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