Editor's Query: Something precious, lost then found

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Editor's Query: Tell us about a time when something precious was lost and then found.

My 10-year-old Siamese cat Miranda had become sick over the weekend and was running a high fever. Because I was new to Northern Virginia and did not yet have a vet, I took her to an emergency clinic. The staff held her overnight and told me when I returned the next morning that Miranda was suffering from fatal kidney disease. When they brought her out to me, she looked nothing like herself. Miranda was sickly and unresponsive -- worse than I'd ever seen her.

I took her home, still shocked at how much my cat had changed in such a short time. I struggled to keep her alive but two weeks later made the painful decision to have her euthanized by a local vet. That night as I grieved, the vet from the emergency clinic called with some astonishing news: He had given me the wrong cat to take home. Another family had taken Miranda home by mistake and had called the clinic, wondering why their fatally ill pet, a near-identical seal-point Siamese, was now healthy but did not seem to know them. I rushed out at 1 a.m. elated to pick up Miranda, who lived another seven years and who was henceforth known as "the Lazarus cat."

Karen Rhodes, Fairfax

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