It's hard to take Sarah Palin seriously

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In his Feb. 11 column, "Palin's populism: It just might work," David S. Broder suggested that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is well suited as a "populist" leader and that she must be taken seriously and not dismissed for "writing on her hand."

In reality, Ms. Palin isn't taken seriously by a majority of Americans because she has failed time and time again to demonstrate an understanding of basic issues facing this country, articulate a coherent vision for how she would address our growing list of serious problems or speak in intelligible sentences.

In addition, as a multimillionaire former governor who charges six figures for speaking engagements, she hardly embodies the average "every-mom" brand she so unabashedly cultivates.

Mr. Broder may be impressed by Ms. Palin, but it's insulting for him to suggest that her detractors don't have substantive reasons for opposing her.

Andrew E. Van Ostrand, Washington

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