A fox, a hound and other market tales

By Daniel Greenberg
Monday, February 15, 2010

These traditional Tales from The Market have been handed down and treasured for generations. Each story has outstanding analytics and has been rated AAA ("a super-good read") by Shotzy's Tale Rating Service.

One of the wise elders from the town of Greenwich tells this first tale, introducing us to the magic of The Market.

A fox and a hound waited in a copse outside of a farmer's henhouse.

"Ooh, I can hear those chickens clucking from here," said the hound. "Let's go in there and snatch them all!"

"Not so fast," said the fox. "If we take them all at once we can't ever return. But if we take just one, then perhaps the farmer won't notice and we can keep coming back night after night to get more."

"That's a good idea," said the hound.

The two entered and went to work quickly. The fox grabbed as many chickens as he could, emptying the henhouse.

"Hey," said the hound. "I thought you said we were going to take only one chicken."

"That is what I did," said the fox. "I limited myself to one chicken."

"Forgive me, my friend," said the hound, "but that is not accurate. I saw you take at least seven chickens."

"The one chicken was my limit," said the fox.

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