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After failed labor board nomination, unions not too happy with Obama

For example, a State Department tweet last week noted that Scott Gration, special envoy to Sudan, was soon going to that country and would be meeting with President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. What? The indicted international war criminal? Stop the presses! Hold the tweets!

Oops! Turns out they meant he would be meeting with the president of South Sudan, as spokesman P.J. Crowley had said in the earlier briefing.

"A tweet issued earlier today by the State Department contained incorrect information concerning Special Envoy Gration's meetings in Juba," the department announced, giving the "correct information" (in bold below).

"Special Envoy Scott Gration travels to Chad and Sudan this coming week for discussions with members of Sudan's People Liberation Movement, in addition to meeting with the SPLM and President Salva Kiir.

"Sincere apologies for the error and inconvenience."

Phew. That was almost news.

Not ready for primetime

It's slow going in this town even for nonpaying, part-time jobs. Take for example the confirmations of eight members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the folks who oversee U.S. international radio and television programs. Many months in the making, the slate of four Republicans and four Democrats -- the secretary of state's designee breaks any ties -- was announced three months ago. The skids were greased for confirmation without even so much as a hearing.

But nothing happened before the Senate recess. There was word of a glitch with some of the nominees, but we're told that's not the case, just normal checks at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Now they're talking confirmations in March.

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