Rough sledding after storms hit the D.C. area

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As someone who grew up in the District and visits often, I know that John Berry, director of the federal Office of Personnel Management, missed the point when he defended his decision to reopen the federal government the Friday before Presidents' Day ["Nightmare on L Street (and K, and M . . .,") front page, Feb. 13].

The problem was not that federal workers were inconvenienced, though they certainly were. More significantly, his ill-advised decision overwhelmed the region's transportation infrastructure when it was obviously fragile. Mr. Berry's inability to see the bigger picture is disturbing.

Sue Monahan, Providence, R.I.


Anita Marsh's outrage [letters, Feb. 12] because she didn't see a plow until the Tuesday after the Feb. 6 snowstorm and until Thursday after the Tuesday-Wednesday storm made me laugh. The fact that she thinks the city has some sort of vendetta against people east of the Anacostia River is ridiculous.

We live two blocks north of Dupont Circle, well west of the Anacostia River. We also pay our taxes and vote. The first snowplow we saw in our neighborhood all week was about 11 p.m. Thursday. Eighteenth Street NW -- a major thoroughfare used by the L2 bus -- was finally plowed Friday. My street -- Corcoran Street -- wasn't plowed until Sunday night.

Until then, my husband and I, who have lived here for six years, had never seen a plow on our street after a snowstorm. Ms. Marsh had to wait until last Tuesday. We waited a lot longer.

Andrea Nicandri, Washington

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