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Friday, February 19, 2010

Catching up with Capitals' Tomas Fleischmann

For Capitals fans, Olympic hockey is not all Russians, of course. Two other Washingtonians are playing at the Games as well, and both had their first taste of the sport's premier stage Wednesday.

I caught up with Tomas Fleischmann after his Czechs defeated arch-rival Slovakia in a beautiful, open game that had lots of scoring chances and a brilliant performance by a certain former Capital, whose first and last names both start with a J.

"I am having a lot of fun, especially after the win." Fleischmann said. "I am just happy to be on a team with such great players. You could see tonight, how Jagr was a difference between winning and losing. He scored the game-winning goal and had an assist on the third one. You watch guys like this every day and try to be like them."

Sunday will be a bit of a reunion for you, with the upcoming Russia game. What are your thoughts?

"It's going to be very exciting playing against Ovie and Sasha, and the other guys, [former Caps] Kozzie and Feds [Viktor Kozlov and Sergei Fedorov]. But I am not scared of Russians. Never!"

What about of Ovie?

"Ovie is crazy, but I am crazier than him."

You are?

"Um, no, not really. But I have to be."

He did say he would kill Backstrom if he has a chance. I am sure this threat would be applicable to you as well.

"Yeah, I remember him saying that. Hey, that's Ovie, it sounds like something he would say. But it's all great fun anyway."

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