Health Summit 2010

CQ Transcriptions
Thursday, February 25, 2010; 4:45 PM

MCCONNELL (?): Mr. President, John McCain also would like to address that issue.

OBAMA: Well, I'm sorry. So if somebody else wants to address it -- you know...


MCCAIN: I would just make one comment. Why in the world, then, would we carve out 800,000 people in Florida that would not be -- have their Medicare Advantage cut? Now, I proposed an amendment on the floor to say everybody would be treated the same. Mr. President, why should we carve out 800,000 people because they live in Florida to keep the Medicare Advantage program, and then want to do away with it?

OBAMA: I think you make a legitimate point.

MCCAIN: Well, maybe...

OBAMA: I think you do.

MCCAIN: Thank you very much.




OBAMA: I'm going to have your -- in fairness, I asked a question, so I'm going to let one of the Republicans respond and then I'll go to Xavier. OK, go ahead.

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