Editor's Query: Tell us about a time when ... you hit the "send" button a little too quickly.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last year was a big year for me, technologically speaking. After much trepidation, I opened a Facebook account, started IM-ing with all those abbreviated phrases and replaced my ancient cellphone with a swanky new iPhone.

I started adding friends to my Facebook account, and one day I received a message from my former boss. He had found me on the network and wanted to be my friend. It was great to reconnect. We started e-mailing, catching up on what had happened in our lives since we last saw each other, and decided to meet for lunch.

My new tech savviness was making me adventurous, and I began trying out the Facebook application on my iPhone. My former boss and I agreed to meet at a midpoint between our offices, and, in a Facebook e-mail, he told me that he was on the board of one of the organizations in my building and had been meaning to visit the group's office. I was out and about with my iPhone in hand when I received the message, and I decided to reply to him right then. I was a little distracted, still learning how to type with one finger, and I thought it would be easier to abbreviate a few words. I responded with, "u can come over & I can give u a tour of my bldg," and pressed the Send button. But when I glanced at the text list that showed my reply, I was horrified. The iPhone's "intelligent keyboard" had replaced "bldg" with "body."

The recipient took it in stride, with much laughter. But that was months ago, and we still haven't met for lunch.

--Marta Perez Drake



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