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Date Lab: The fine line between conversation and interview

Pier: I told him in the middle of the date that I did not know why we were put together. We were talking about our dating history, and he was telling me about some of the girls [who] dropped him and didn't explain why after, in his eyes, they had an amazing date. I thought, I don't want him to look at this when it's published and say, "Pier did the same thing to me." So I'm like, let me go ahead and tell him now that I don't see this going anywhere.

Jeremy: She was really honest. I appreciate that. I did feel a little chemistry, but I can understand why she did not feel that much with me.

Pier: If he did think I was flirting, I wanted to set it straight. Around 10-ish, I decided to call it a night.

Jeremy: We walked to the Metro station together.

Pier: We were on opposite platforms; he had to go to Virginia, and I had to go to Maryland. We said goodbye at the turnstiles. I gave him a hug. It was awkward. I caught him off-guard. But it was a nice date, and he was a nice guy -- I thought we were at hugging level.

Jeremy: I jumped on the train and thought, Crap, I didn't ask for her number. If I had [gotten her number], I would definitely have given it a shot.

Pier: I would [rate the date] a 4 [out of 5]. There were a lot of things that could go wrong on a blind date that did not. There are a lot worse things than no chemistry.

Jeremy: [I would rate the date a] 4. I wanted someone I could have a good conversation with, and, in that case, it did meet my expectations. This was my way to at least meet some new people. Even if it doesn't work out, I get some dating experience. I guess she thought my personality did not match up all that well with hers. If we did have an opportunity to go on another date, I would definitely take it.

Interviews by Nina Patel

Update: Pier said she plans to look Jeremy up on Facebook to see how he's doing, but a second date's not likely.

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