Date Lab: The fine line between conversation and interview

Sunday, March 7, 2010; W06

7:30 p.m., Old Ebbitt Grill, Downtown

Jeremy: I left work early, got home, picked out a nice shirt to make sure I was nice and polished. I got there right at 7. There was a stool by the window; I sat there just checking out all the sights.

Pier: I tried to wear something to work that could go from daytime to evening. I wore a dress with flats and switched to boots with a heel. I got there maybe a minute or two late. I checked in with the hostess, and she pointed to Jeremy sitting by the window. He looked up and looked startled for a second, and for a split second, I thought he was the wrong person.

Jeremy: I wasn't expecting anyone to come behind me -- I thought I would catch her before she walked in. I thought her eyes were beautiful. I liked what she was wearing and how her hair was done. My first impression was, Yes, she would be my type.

Pier: He was not someone I would have gone for under normal circumstances. He is thin and slight. He did not have a strong presence.

Jeremy: She was a lot more outgoing that me, so initially she did a lot of the talking. She asked me a lot of questions. I kind of liked it, because it helped break me out of my shell. There were some periods of silence.

Pier: I would kind of stop for a little bit to see if I was not giving him a chance to speak, but when I would stop talking, the conversation would stop. I felt like I was interviewing him. He answered questions freely. But he wouldn't really ask back.

Jeremy: She mentioned that once she got out of high school she sort of broke out of her shell in a big way. Me, myself, I'm still working on that.

Pier: He really likes computers; he has all these computers, and he takes them apart and he can build them. It's his thing. That's when he started talking the most and got excited. It went over my head for a little bit. He is a really intelligent guy, but nothing in particular comes out unless you kind of bring it out of him. Basketball was something we clicked on a little bit. I am a big Tar Heel fan.

Jeremy: We talked about how UNC is kind of on a down year right now. I did rub it in a little bit. I pretty much eat and breathe basketball.

Pier: Humor is a big thing for me. He never really made me laugh, which is something I look for.

Jeremy: She is very sarcastic. I can be the same way, but I feel more comfortable being sarcastic around people I know really well. [But] it was all funny.

Pier: I told him in the middle of the date that I did not know why we were put together. We were talking about our dating history, and he was telling me about some of the girls [who] dropped him and didn't explain why after, in his eyes, they had an amazing date. I thought, I don't want him to look at this when it's published and say, "Pier did the same thing to me." So I'm like, let me go ahead and tell him now that I don't see this going anywhere.

Jeremy: She was really honest. I appreciate that. I did feel a little chemistry, but I can understand why she did not feel that much with me.

Pier: If he did think I was flirting, I wanted to set it straight. Around 10-ish, I decided to call it a night.

Jeremy: We walked to the Metro station together.

Pier: We were on opposite platforms; he had to go to Virginia, and I had to go to Maryland. We said goodbye at the turnstiles. I gave him a hug. It was awkward. I caught him off-guard. But it was a nice date, and he was a nice guy -- I thought we were at hugging level.

Jeremy: I jumped on the train and thought, Crap, I didn't ask for her number. If I had [gotten her number], I would definitely have given it a shot.

Pier: I would [rate the date] a 4 [out of 5]. There were a lot of things that could go wrong on a blind date that did not. There are a lot worse things than no chemistry.

Jeremy: [I would rate the date a] 4. I wanted someone I could have a good conversation with, and, in that case, it did meet my expectations. This was my way to at least meet some new people. Even if it doesn't work out, I get some dating experience. I guess she thought my personality did not match up all that well with hers. If we did have an opportunity to go on another date, I would definitely take it.

Interviews by Nina Patel

Update: Pier said she plans to look Jeremy up on Facebook to see how he's doing, but a second date's not likely.

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