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Retiree wants to work for Census, but not for free

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reader Duane Putnam sent this question:

I have been trying to find out whether federal retirees will be exempt from the windfall cut to our pay if we take a temporary Census job. I'll do it if I can get the $16.25/hour, but if they cut it by the amount of my pension, I might as well stay home. I can't seem to find anyone at census that will give me an answer.

Here's what The Federal Worker learned:

A. According to the Office of Personnel Management, some federal retirees who take jobs related to the 2010 Census will be able to draw both their annuities and the full salaries from those jobs. While there is a general requirement that retirees who take federal jobs and who continue to collect their annuities have their salaries reduced by the amount of their annuities, OPM has granted a waiver of that requirement for about 3,000 Census positions nationwide. Retirees interested in taking Census positions should check with the Census Bureau regarding the availability of positions covered by the waiver in their areas.

-- Eric Yoder

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