Excerpts from press conference on Pentagon shooting

Thursday, March 4, 2010; 9:39 PM

Here are excerpts from tonight's press conference held at the Pentagon by Richard Keevill, chief of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency:

"About 6:40 tonight, a person came (to) the Pentagon . . . area . . . (and) appeared to be pretty calm. As the officers started to ask him for his pass . . . he drew a weapon from his pocket and started shooting. . . . He did not say anything."

Keevill said the suspect's "situation is pretty critical" after officers returned fire and struck him. He did not identify the suspect.

-- Asked whether the suspect was wearing military fatigues, Keevill responded, "I cannot confirm that." He also said that the suspect fired his shots with a handgun.

-- Asked the suspect's nationality, Keevill said, "He's an American citizen as far as I know."

-- Keevill did not detail where in their bodies the officers were struck, but he said the officers' "injuries were grazing."

-- "The injuries to the suspect are a lot more severe," he said.

-- Keevill said that Pentagon police officers wear ballistic vests.

-- Keevill said that witnesses "said he walked up very cool . . . no real emotion in his face . . . and he reached in his pocket . . . and came out with a gun."

-- He said investigators did not yet know the shooter's motive.

-- "We have a theory, but it's still a theory," he said. "It's going to take time to develop that."

-- Keevill said "the suspect was wearing a coat" but would not say whether the suspect was wearing body armor.

-- He said the Pentagon was locked down successfully. "We train with some regularity to see we can do it very quickly, and we did it very quickly tonight."

-- Keevill said he did not know how many shots were fired.

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