A match made across the miles: Nnenna Chime & Ugonna Nwosu

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nnenna Chime, 28, is a graduate student. Ugonna Nwosu, 30, is a medical research coordinator. They live in Baltimore.

Wedding date: Feb. 13.

Location: The Cottage in Baltimore for the ceremony; the Villa in Beltsville for the reception.

Guests: 60.

How they met: In August 2008, Nnenna had graduated from medical school in Nigeria and wanted to attend Johns Hopkins University. Hoping to get advice on the application process, she looked through her school's alumni network and found Ugonna, who was working toward a master's at Johns Hopkins. After Nnenna sent him an e-mail, they became Facebook friends and talked every day.

First date: They met in London for a two-week vacation in January 2009. "There were no surprises" during this initial meeting, Nnenna says. Everything was just as comfortable as when they talked online or on the phone. They chatted for hours, got lost in the city and took lots of photos.

The proposal: Nnenna moved to Baltimore for school in July 2009, and Ugonna, who had graduated, stayed in the city to work. While they were having a conversation at Ugonna's apartment in early September, Ugonna casually asked whether Nnenna would marry him. He didn't have a ring, so Nnenna said that he wasn't serious and that he should ask her again when he had one. By the middle of the month, he had the ring. He went to Nnenna's campus housing and gave her the ring box without saying anything. She teasingly gave it back. Then he got down on one knee and asked the proper way, Nnenna says.

The wedding: Some family members from Nigeria came for the ceremony, and they incorporated the traditional breaking of a kola nut into the event. In the tribal ritual, which is reserved for special events, the oldest person present breaks the nut and says a prayer to wish the couple a happy marriage.

Honeymoon: A future trip to Florida or the Caribbean.

-- Kathleen Hom

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