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Help File: Don't press F1 on the Web in Windows XP; a shortcut to iTunes Plus upgrades

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Q: I heard what sounds like an urban legend -- that you shouldn't hit the F1 key if a Web site tells you to. Is that true?

A: That advice seems the sort of thing easily debunked at the myth-busting site, but it's true. Microsoft really does want Windows XP users to ignore Web prompts to press the F1 key.

A security advisory from the government's Computer Emergency Readiness Team ( explains that hostile sites can have XP's Help Viewer application run malicious code if they can first get a user running the Internet Explorer browser to hit the F1 help shortcut key. So Microsoft's primary suggested workaround, until it can ship a patch, is this: "Do not press the F1 key when prompted by a Web site."

Using a browser besides Internet Explorer -- for instance, Mozilla Firefox, Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari or Opera's just-updated, eponymous browser -- will also eliminate this risk.

Although Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 are also open to this attack, Microsoft reports that Windows Vista and 7 are not -- something to think about the next time somebody suggests those newer releases offer no real benefits over XP.

I can't figure out how to upgrade my iTunes purchases to iTunes Plus.

Making this upgrade -- which replaces digitally locked music with higher-fidelity, more compatible files-- is a worthwhile expense, at 30 cents a song, 60 cents for a music video or $3 an album.

If iTunes somehow won't show an "iTunes Plus" link on the iTunes Store home page's top-right corner, visit Apple's tech-support article ( to find a link that should open iTunes to the right page. (You'll need a current copy of iTunes to finish this transaction.)

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