Texts for proposed common core standards

Wednesday, March 10, 2010; 12:09 AM

Here are illustrative texts identified in the common core standards proposal from the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers. Those involved with the proposal stress it is neither a comprehensive nor a required reading list. Some of the proposed readings are awaiting permission from rights holders to use excerpts.


K--1 Stories

"Little Bear," Else Holmelund Minarik

"A Boy, a Dog and a Frog," Mercer Mayer

"Frog and Toad Together," Arnold Lobel

"Owl at Home," Arnold Lobel

"Pancakes for Breakfast," Tomie dePaola

"Truck," Donald Crews

"Hi! Fly Guy," Tedd Arnold


"As I Was Going to St. Ives," Anonymous

"Mix a Pancake," Christina Rossetti

"Singing-Time," Rose Fyleman

Informational Texts

"A Tree Is a Plant," Clyde Robert Bulla

"My Five Senses," Aliki

"Starfish," Edith Thacher Hurd

"I Read Signs," Tama Hoban

"Garden Helpers," National Geographic Young Explorers

"Wind Power," National Geographic Young Explorers

Read-Aloud Stories

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," L. Frank Baum

"Little House in the Big Woods," Laura Ingalls Wilder

"Mr. Popper's Penguins," Richard and Florence Atwater

"Finn Family Moomintroll," Tove Jansson

"A Story, A Story," Gail E. Haley

"The Paper Crane," Molly Bang

"Family Pictures," Carmen Lomas Garza

"Kitten's First Full Moon," Kevin Henkes

Read-Aloud Poetry

"The Fox's Foray," Anonymous

"Over in the Meadow," John Langstaff

"The Owl and the Pussycat," Edward Lear

"Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin," Lloyd Moss

Read-Aloud Informational Texts

"Fire! Fire!" Gail Gibbons

"Follow the Water From Brook to Ocean," Arthur Dorros

"What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?" Robin Page and Steve Jenkins

"Seed to Pumpkin," Wendy Pfeffer

"Amazing Whales!" Sarah L. Thomson

"How People Learned to Fly," True Kelley and Fran Hodgkins

Grades 2--3 Stories

"The Fire Cat," Esther Averill

"Sarah, Plain and Tall," Patricia MacLachlan

"Tops and Bottoms," Janet Stevens

"The Raft," Jim LaMarche

"Poppleton in Winter," Cynthia Rylant

"The Lighthouse Family: The Storm," Cynthia Rylant

"Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa," Erica Silverman


"Autumn," Emily Dickinson

"Who Has Seen the Wind?" Christina Rossetti

"Afternoon on a Hill," Edna St. Vincent Millay

Informational Texts

"A Medieval Feast," Aliki

"From Seed to Plant," Gail Gibbons

"Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions Around the World," Selby Beeler

"Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11," Brian Floca

"Where Do Polar Bears Live?" Sarah L. Thomson

Read-Aloud Stories

"How the Camel Got His Hump," Rudyard Kipling

"The Thirteen Clocks," James Thurber

"Charlotte's Web," E.B. White

"The Cricket in Times Square," George Selden

"The Search for Delicious," Natalie Babbitt

"Bud, Not Buddy," Christopher Paul Curtis

"Sign Painter," Allen Say

Read-Aloud Poetry

"The Jumblies," Edward Lear

"The Pied Piper of Hamelin," Robert Browning

"Your World," Georgia Douglas Johnson

"Fireflies," Paul Fleischman

Read-Aloud Informational Texts

"Lincoln: A Photobiography," Russell Freedman

"The Story of the Ruby Bridges," Robert Coles

"A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder," Walter Wick

"Ah, Music," Aliki

"The Museum Book: A Guide to Strange and Wonderful Collections," Jan Mark

"14 Cows for America," Carmen Agra Deedy

Grades 4--5 Stories

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," Lewis Carroll

"The Secret Garden," Frances Hodgson Burnett

"The Black Stallion," Walter Farley

"The Little Prince," Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"Tuck Everlasting," Natalie Babbitt

"Zlateh the Goat," Isaac Bashevis Singer

"M.C. Higgins, the Great," Virginia Hamilton

"The Birchbark House," Louise Erdrich

"Bud, Not Buddy," Christopher Paul Curtis

"Where the Mountain Meets the Moon," Grace Lin


"The Echoing Green," William Blake

"The New Colossus," Emma Lazarus

"Casey at the Bat," Ernest Lawrence Thayer

"A Bird Came Down the Walk," Emily Dickinson

"Fog," Carl Sandburg

"Words Free As Confetti," Pat Mora

Informational Texts

"Discovering Mars: The Amazing Story of the Red Planet," Melvin Berger

"Let's Investigate Marvelously Meaningful Maps," Madelyn Wood Carlisle

"Hurricanes: Earth's Mightiest Storms," Patricia Lauber

"The Kid's Guide to Money: Earning It, Saving It, Spending It, Growing It, Sharing It," Steve Otfinoski

"Toys!: Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions," Don Wulffson

"About Time: A First Look at Time and Clocks," Bruce Koscielniak

"England the Land," Erinn Banting

"A History of US," Joy Hakim

"My Librarian Is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World," Margriet Ruurs

"Horses," Seymour Simon

"Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea," Sy Montgomery

"Volcanoes," Simon Seymour

"We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball," Kadir Nelson

"Seeing Eye to Eye," Leslie Hall

"Computer," Britannica Junior Encyclopedia

"Telescopes," Colin A. Ronan

Grades 6--8 Stories

"Little Women," Louisa May Alcott

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," Mark Twain

"A Wrinkle in Time," Madeleine L'Engle

"The Dark Is Rising," Susan Cooper

"Dragonwings," Laurence Yep

"Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry," Mildred D. Taylor

"The People Could Fly," Virginia Hamilton

"The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks," Katherine Paterson

"Eleven," Sandra Cisneros

"Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad," Rosemary Sutcliff


"Sorry, Wrong Number," Louise Fletcher

"The Diary of Anne Frank: A Play," Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich


"Paul Revere's Ride," Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"O Captain! My Captain!" Walt Whitman

"Jabberwocky," Lewis Carroll

"Twelfth Song of Thunder," Navajo tradition

"The Railway Train," Emily Dickinson

"The Song of Wandering Aengus," William Butler Yeats

"The Road Not Taken," Robert Frost

"Chicago," Carl Sandburg

Informational Texts: English Language Arts

"Letter on Thomas Jefferson," John Adams

"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave, Written by Himself," Frederick Douglass

"Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat: Address to Parliament on May 13th, 1940," Winston Churchill

"Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad," Ann Petry

"Travels with Charley: In Search of America," John Steinbeck

Informational Texts: History/Social Studies

Preamble and First Amendment to the United States Constitution

"A Night to Remember," Walter Lord

"A Short Walk Around the Pyramids and Through the World of Art," Phillip Isaacson

"The Great Fire," Jim Murphy

"Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist," Sandra Jordan and Jan Greenberg

"This Land Was Made for You and Me: The Life and Songs of Woody Guthrie," Elizabeth Partridge

"Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution," Linda R. Monk

"Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott," Russell Freedman

Informational Texts: Science, Mathematics, and Technology

"Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction," David Macaulay

"The Building of Manhattan," Donald Mackay

"The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure," Hans Magnus Enzensberger

"Math Trek: Adventures in the Math Zone," Nancy Henderson and Ivars Peterson

"The Evolution of the Grocery Bag," Henry Petroski

"Geology," U*X*L Encyclopedia of Science

"Space Probe in Astronomy & Space: From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch," Phillis Engelbert

"Elementary Particles in the New Book of Popular Science"

Grades 9--10 Stories

"The Odyssey," Homer

"The Nose," Nikolai Gogol

"The Gift of the Magi," O. Henry

"The Grapes of Wrath," John Steinbeck

"Fahrenheit 451," Ray Bradbury

"I Stand Here Ironing," Tillie Olsen

"The Joy Luck Club," Amy Tan

"In the Time of the Butterflies," Julia Álvarez

"The Book Thief," Marcus Zusak


"The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet," William Shakespeare

"The Glass Menagerie," Tennessee Williams

"Rhinoceros," Eugene Ionesco

"Master Harold . . . and the Boys," Athol Fugard


"Sonnet 73," William Shakespeare

"Song," John Donne

"Ozymandias," Percy Bysshe Shelley

"The Raven," Edgar Allen Poe

"We Grow Accustomed to the Dark," Emily Dickinson

"Loveliest of Trees," A.E. Houseman

"Lift Every Voice and Sing," James Weldon Johnson

Informational Texts: English Language Arts

The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson

"Speech to the Second Virginia Convention," Patrick Henry

"Second Inaugural Address," Abraham Lincoln

"State of the Union Address," Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"I Am an American Day Address," Learned Hand

"Remarks to the Senate in Support of a Declaration of Conscience," Margaret Chase Smith

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," Maya Angelou

"Hope, Despair and Memory," Elie Wiesel Nobel Lectures in Peace 1981--90

"Address to Students at Moscow State University," Ronald Reagan

"A Quilt of a Country," Anna Quindlen

Informational Texts: History/Social Studies

"Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West," Dee Brown

"Son of the Morning Star: Custer and the Little Bighorn," Evan S. Connell

"The Story of Art," 16th Edition, E.H. Gombrich

"Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World," Mark Kurlansky

"Black, Blue and Gray: African Americans in the Civil War," Jim Haskins

"The Longitude Prize," Joan Dash

"The Illustrated Book of Great Composers," Wendy Thompson

"Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491," Charles C. Mann

Informational Texts: Science, Mathematics, and Technology

"Elements," Euclid

"Classifying the Stars," Annie J. Cannon

"Biography of an Atom," Millicent Selsam and Jacob Bronowski

"Amusement Park Physics," Jearl Walker

"Life by the Numbers," Keith Devlin

"The Race to Save Lord God Bird," Phillip Hoose

"The Story of Science: Newton at the Center," Joy Hakim

"Circumference: Eratosthenes and the Ancient Quest to Measure the Globe," Nicholas Nicastro

Grades 11--CCR [12]

"Pride and Prejudice," Jane Austen

"Jane Eyre," Charlotte Brontë

"Home," Anton Chekhov

"The Great Gatsby," F. Scott Fitzgerald

"As I Lay Dying," William Faulkner

"Their Eyes Were Watching God," Zora Neale Huston

"The Adventures of Augie March," Saul Bellow

"The Bluest Eye," Toni Morrison

"Dreaming in Cuban," Cristina Garcia

"The Namesake," Jhumpa Lahiri


"The Tragedy of Macbeth," William Shakespeare

"The Importance of Being Earnest," Oscar Wilde

"Death of a Salesman," Arthur Miller

"A Raisin in the Sun," Lorraine Hansberry


"A Valediction Forbidding Mourning," John Donne

"Ode on a Grecian Urn," John Keats

"Song of Myself," Walt Whitman

"Because I Could Not Stop for Death," Emily Dickinson

"Mending Wall," Robert Frost

"The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica," Judith Cofer Ortiz

Informational Texts: English Language Arts

"The Crisis," Thomas Paine

"Walden," Henry David Thoreau

"Society and Solitude," Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Gettysburg Address," Abraham Lincoln

"Lee Surrenders to Grant, April 9th, 1865," Horace Porter

"The Fallacy of Success," G.K. Chesterton

The American Language, 4th Edition, H.L. Mencken

"Black Boy," Richard Wright

"Politics and the English Language," George Orwell

"Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth," Richard Hofstadter

"Letter From Birmingham Jail," Martin Luther King Jr.

"Mother Tongue," Amy Tan

"Take the Tortillas Out of Your Poetry," Rudolfo Anaya

Informational Texts: History/Social Studies

"Democracy in America," Alexis de Tocqueville

Declaration of Sentiments by the Seneca Falls Conference

"What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?: An Address Delivered in Rochester, New York,

on 5 July 1852," Frederick Douglass

"Education," Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

"What They Fought For 1861--1865," James M. McPherson

"America's Constitution: A Biography," Akhil Reed Amar

"1776," David McCullough

"Mirror of the World: A New History of Art," Julian Bell

FedViews by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Informational Texts: Science, Mathematics, and Technology

"Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences," John Allen Paulos

"Gravity in Reverse: The Tale of Albert Einstein's 'Greatest Blunder,' " Neil deGrasse

"Google Hacks: Tips & Tools for Smarter Searching," 2nd Edition, Rael Dornfest and Tara Calishain

"The Mysteries of Mass," Gordon Kane

"Working Knowledge: Electronic Stability Control," Mark Fischetti

"The Coming Merger of Mind and Machine," Ray Kurzweil

"Untangling the Roots of Cancer," Wayt W. Gibbs

"The Cost Conundrum: Health Care Costs in McAllen, Texas," Atul Gawande

Source: National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers.

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