Playing the blame game with runaway Toyotas

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Frank Ahrens quotes an auto industry consultant who claims the problem with runaway Toyotas almost always lies with drivers who step on the wrong pedal ["Why it's so hard for Toyota to find out what's wrong," Sunday Business, March 7]. I find this assertion infuriating. I know exactly where my foot was on the two occasions that my 2004 Prius accelerated out of control on the Beltway last year -- firmly on the brake until the accelerator popped back up from its unnaturally depressed position. The dealership blamed "floor mats," but I was using small carpet squares that didn't reach the pedal.

The condescending assumption that drivers don't know what they are talking about when they report problems like this is why I must now mentally rehearse how to put my car into neutral every time I venture out on the highway.

Phyllida Paterson, Silver Spring

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