Race to the Top is another federal power play

Friday, March 12, 2010; A18

Good for the District for making it to the finals in the Race to the Top competition -- an "unprecedented . . . contest" for federal education dollars ["District schools still in aid race," Metro, March 5].

Unprecedented, yes, but also an example of just how much local power and resources now lie firmly within the federal government's control. Taxpayers are sending more than $4 billion to Washington just for this program. The money is washed through the Education Department bureaucracy, then parceled out by the education secretary to selected "winning" states (i.e., those whose education programs have been tailored to meet with the secretary's approval).

The federal government believes it knows better how to educate the nation's children than teachers, parents and school authorities in communities across the country. Worse, it is making them compete to receive any benefit from the taxes they pay for this program.

Willis Bush, Dumfries

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