Same-sex marriage law pushes Christians out of the public square

Friday, March 12, 2010

I doubt whether the two readers writing about Catholic Charities' "flawed" policy of limiting health benefits to spouses of employees really care if the Catholic Church is faithful to its own doctrine ["A flawed policy at Catholic Charities," letters, March 7]. One of the points, and definitely the effects, of the D.C. legislation legalizing homosexual marriage was to either force Christians from the public square or force them to be unfaithful to their beliefs.

Why can't secularist be secular and Christian be Christian? Secular adoption agencies could adopt out to homosexual couples, and Christian agencies to heterosexual couples. This would give mothers who are thinking of giving up a child a choice.

That legislation could have been written (as the Catholic Church requested) with a religious exemption. If you force Christians out of the public square, if you demand that Christians become second-class citizens, you crack this country in half.

Karen A. Torres, Manassas

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