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Conan O'Brien's Might as Well Do This While I'm Not on TV Tour

He'll also play Radio City Music Hall, spitting distance from NBC's corporate HQ at 30 Rock.

Conan's camp is still talking with Fox about whether and how to launch a late-night franchise.

No 'Charity' case

"Blonde Charity Mafia" suddenly doesn't look so bad, does it, CW? Especially now that you've seen the opening numbers on "High Society"?

"High Society" tanked in its premiere Wednesday night, attracting just 1.26 million viewers. That's even fewer than the nearly 1.4 million that tuned in to the unveiling of CW's So-Ashton-Kutcher series "The Beautiful Life" in September. And we all know what happened to that one -- canceled after two episodes.

"High Society" goes into the books as CW's least-watched series premiere this season.

"High Society" was one of the glam reality series picked up early this season that seemed to have caused the network to lose interest in its D.C.-based reality series "Blonde Charity Mafia." .

Betty White's 'SNL'

"Saturday Night Live" has finally booked Betty White to guest host, in response to a Facebook campaign started by a guy who now says he doesn't really watch "Saturday Night Live" very much.

"The six-time Emmy winner and cultural icon will host 'SNL' for the first time in her illustrious seven-decade-long career," NBC announced Thursday.

The guy who started the Facebook campaign, David Mathews, now tells USA Today -- which seems to be trying to take some of the credit for White's "SNL" gig -- that he's "not even a big SNL watcher." Which prompts the question, "Then why did you launch a Facebook campaign to get her on the show?" That question appears not to have been asked by USA Today.

The newspaper did report that White's appearance in a Super Bowl candy commercial, in which she is tackled in the mud by a football player, topped its Ad Meter poll of Super Bowl ads.

That, in turn, lit a fuse on the Facebook campaign, USA Today reports, which caught the eye of "SNL" creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels.

Michaels has booked White on May 8 because it's Mother's Day.

"I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day weekend than with Betty White," Michaels said in a prepared statement.

I can: with a mother. White has no children of her own, according to USA Today, but Michaels assured the newspaper: "She's the mother of us all in comedy."


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