Two months isn't long enough to judge the new governor

Monday, March 15, 2010

Robert McCartney's March 11 Metro column, "Caution, not unfulfilled pledges, most surprising about McDonnell," was another in a long line of prominent articles The Post has put out doggedly going after the new Virginia governor, Robert F. McDonnell. Nothing awakens a newsroom like a new Republican administration in the D.C. area.

As a reader, I would have appreciated seeing the same vigor expended on keeping an eye on the previous governor, Timothy M. Kaine (D). Hardly anyone seemed to mind his disappearing act in his last year in office. And when he left, there was a glowing Jan. 10 editorial about what one might view as his rather limited accomplishments.

Fast-forward, and you would think there was nobody else in elected office who has not lived up to expectations. President Obama has had a whole year in office, and he has not delivered any major successes regarding his campaign promises. Bailout and stimulus are now bad words in this town.

This is one reader who is willing to give Mr. McDonnell a chance. Let's have some budget cuts. Let's figure out a way to solve the transportation problem that is fair. Maybe those two things will take longer than two months to complete.

Andrew Garcia, Arlington

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