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Recover Missing Files

Strictly speaking, File-Rescue Plus isn't portable, but there's a work-around. Install it onto another PC, then copy the program file, FileRescuePlus.exe, to your flash drive. This will work--as the demo version. To make the full version portable, use Notepad to create a file called , containing nothing but the license key sent to you after you bought the program. Place key.ini on the flash drive, in the same folder as the program.

If that doesn't work:

There's a point when it makes more sense to go to someone with experience in this sort of job. The best-known, most highly-regarded data recovery companies, Ontrack and DriveSavers, are very expensive. And if your drive itself is still working properly, they're probably overkill.

Ask friends to find a nearby computer repair shop with a good data recovery reputation.

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