National Digest: Stevens weighs summer retirement from Supreme Court

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Stevens weighs summer retirement

Justice John Paul Stevens, the leader of the Supreme Court's liberal wing, told the New Yorker in an interview that he will decide early next month whether he will retire when the court's current term ends in June.

Stevens, at 89 the court's oldest justice, told the magazine that he has his "options open." Although he has hired only one law clerk for the nine-month term that will start in October, Stevens said three former clerks had agreed to work for him again should he decide to stay on the court.

He said he will certainly step down before President Obama's term expires in January 2013. "I will retire within the next three years," he said. "I'm sure of that." Interviewed March 8, Stevens said he would make up his mind in about a month.

-- Bloomberg


Northeast battered by 3rd day of storms

Torrential rain and high winds pounded the Northeast for a third day Monday, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. At least nine people have died in storm-related accidents, and nearly half a million people lost power at the peak of the storm in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

In Boston, the storm threatened to overwhelm the wastewater system, forcing officials to begin a controlled release of untreated wastewater into Boston Harbor. The release poses a minimal risk to public health because the sewage will be diluted by rainwater, said Fred Laskey, executive director of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

The storm generated near-record numbers of 911 calls in New York City -- 65,000 calls between 11 p.m. Friday and 11 p.m. Saturday, second only to the 96,000 during the 2003 blackout.

-- Associated Press

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