What to know before you pick up that saw

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Replacing a broken trunk

-- If the trunk is broken, remove it just above an upper branch.

-- After two or three years, the side branch will grow upward and form a new leader.

Correct cutting method

-- A final branch cut should be made just outside the flare or collar at the base of the broken branch, not flush with the trunk.

-- Over several years, the wound will close over the cut to form a near invisible fix.

-- Wound dressings may trap disease and are no longer recommended.

Location of cut (above or below broken wood)

-- If a splinter, tear or crack ends above a branch union, you can prune out the broken stem in a way that keeps the side branch.

-- If the damage extends to the branch or below, you will have to make the cut at a lower branch.

Three-cut method

-- On heavy limbs that are to be removed, you must follow a sequence of cuts to prevent the falling branch from ripping the bark off the trunk.

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